All the Peywey features

Pool masternode

Set up your node to work easily thanks to the DPoS. Stake virtual tokens and cryptocurrencies from our partners, such as DASH and PVIX


Thanks to EMEX technologies you will have the possibility to send messages and keep your communication via chat safe and protected with the utmost confidentiality


In more than 40 locations in different countries. Browse the web with confidence from your mobile phone or computer

QR codes

Pay zero fees to merchants participating in the Super App with the QR code service

Phone top-up

Top up your phone and those of others via our network of 600 phone companies globally


Access PEYEWEY’s e-commerce service, which features over 40,000 products and win shopping vouchers

All the benefits of PeyWey with its
All-in-One App

The bank as you want it

You no longer need to use your bank account to connect crypto currency. All users will have a reserved area for the total management of their finances. A profile with maximum levels of cryptography to be able to give the best in the field of privacy and security and with a personal IBAN. You just need to sign in!

In this way, you will be able to transfer and receive money to and from third parties, pay your bills, make your purchases, or do whatever you want to do, easily and directly through your cryptocurrencies. It works just like a traditional bank account with all the benefits of cryptocurrencies!


We'll take care of protecting you

PEYWEY give you the power to create your bank trust account, to administer your assets and crypto funds as you prefer. Thanks to PEYWEY every user will have the possibility to access their bank trust account service. Also, due to a decentralized service for the management of your private keys, PEYWEY ensures to you a maximum level of protection.

Convert the currencies you want when you want.

Users have the possibility to exploit the service of more than fifty currency exchanges at low fees and within a single platform, with the most important and influential Fiat and Crypto currencies in the market.

Thus, you can instantly convert the major currencies on the fiat and crypto market with a single touch and at any time thanks to the PeyWey App.


All your crypto always in your pocket.

Where do you have the possibility to store your cryptocurrency? In your wallet! And with PEYWEY it is always in safe hands. How do we know that? Well, because PEYWEY allows its client to store the keys for their cryptocurrency transactions and receive currencies. Users will also have an Account to manage their cryptocurrency wallet with more than 15 different Deposit possibilities and the possibility to manage wallet mailings.

PeyWey Card, the solution you have always been waiting for.

Just like a typical debit card, PeyWey debit card makes you do your daily expenses and transactions using cryptocurrencies, exploiting Mastercard circuits. Also, users will have the possibility to manage the account in multivalued. One Card for all the benefits of the PeyWey platform. Request your Card now!



Join the app in 3 easy steps and get started with your progress daily. Click on open an account and select which kind of profile you want to create. You can join PEYWEY as an individual or a business.


Transfer your funds and administration as you prefer. PEYWEY will give you an IBAN though which you can transfer your cryptocurrency easily, like in a traditional account, and safely, as in a crypto transaction.


With your PEYWEY account, you’re the one in charge! Use all the services available to better manage your resources and for greater ease of use. We offer a wide range of services thanks to which you can do whatever you want, wherever you are. Just, enjoy it!